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Woman Seeks Identity Of Man Who Beat Her After Crashing Into Her Car


A Dallas-based woman is seeking the help of social media to identify a man who physically assaulted her after a car crash. Early Saturday, Shaudae McMillan shared a graphic video across her social accounts detailing her shocking story. According to the 29-year-old, a man traveling with a woman allegedly side-swiped her car while she was driving home at around midnight on Saturday. When both drivers pulled their vehicles to the side, Shaudae says she attempted to collect his information. Instead, she says the man cussed her out and repeatedly punched her and her female passenger when she attempted to contact the police.

“I was driving home from an event with my friend and a car side-swiped me. The guy and a girl got out of the car and the guy was yelling, ‘b***h you hit my car.’ Just going off and I told him dude you swerved into my lane and side-swiped me. He kept going off while I was trying to get information from him,” Shaudae told The Shade Room. “I told my friend to call the police for assistance and that’s when he started hitting me.”

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man Physically Attacks Two Women

In a less-than-a-minute video, Shaudae briefly explained the series of events. Then, she played a video clip that showed him punching her until she fell to the ground. He stood over her, looking down for a second before seemingly moving towards his vehicle.

Meanwhile, the woman accompanying the unidentified man walked in and out of the camera frame. The man then hesitated and began walking in the direction of the female friend traveling with Shaudae, who was recording the assault. Shaudae’s friend started to verbally tell the man to back off, even extending her arm to maintain distance between them. But the man continued in her direction and seemingly knocked her phone to the ground. Blood leaked from the friend’s nose as she leaned over to collect the dropped, but still recording phone.


Shaudae told The Shade Room she filed a police report–even demonstrating the case ticket. However, she says she hasn’t heard back from the police as of Saturday evening. Her friend chose not to be identified in this story due to “fear of retaliation.”

This story is still developing. Please check back for updates. If you or anyone you know has information about this case, Shaudae can be contacted via Instagram at @nanny.etc or information can be reported to the Dallas Police Department by clicking HERE


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