When news broke of Trouble’s passing, many wanted the whole story. And then an arrest warrant provided the missing context. After a sleepover night with a female friend, a break-in by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend, and a single gunshot, the Atlanta rapper lost his life. Now, a woman who claims to be the Ms. Williams in the police report, says she plans to tell her story.

“It took a lot for me to put my page back up, I don’t like the evil things that’s being said about me all the false narratives, & the threats, I don’t have nothing to prove to social media,” the alleged Ms. Williams wrote.

And she’s right—the social media talks haven’t been very nice. Some folks have floated theories of a set-up, while others have blamed her for his death for becoming involved with another man so soon after a breakup. Still, the internet is a minefield of opinions. So other users have found themselves defending the woman.

Ms. Williams added, “To the ones that know me personally know my heart is gold & my story will be told…this situation has mentally messed me up & traumatized me. God got me,” Ms. Williams wrote. LLTROUBLE My Angel.”

Police Report Details The Night Trouble Died At Woman’s Home

The arrest warrant, obtained by CBS46 Atlanta reporter Tori Cooper on June 7, told what happened from Ms. Williams’ account. Police only identified the woman as Ms. Williams in the warrant. However, an account with the name Rissa Royce is who actually posted on IG Story. In a conversation with The Shade Room, the account owner confirmed she’s the woman who was with Trouble the night he was killed.

On June 5, Ms.Williams’ ex-boyfriend Jamichael Jones forced his way into the apartment they’d previously shared. Jamichael awoke Ms. Williams by punching her in the face. Afterward, Jamichael and Trouble got into a fight. When Ms. Williams tried to assist Trouble, her ex-boyfriend pulled out a gun and shot the rapper once in the chest, before fleeing the scene. The entire altercation went down in under 10 minutes, according to police investigation timestamps.

Ms. Williams also told police she ended a three-year relationship with Jamichael the week before he fatally shot Trouble. The couple broke up over an argument over finances that ended with Jamichael punching her in the nose before fleeing the scene.

Jamichael Jones Charges For Trouble Killing
Screenshot of Jamichael Jones’ booking details


Jamichael surrendered to the police in June in the parking lot of a hospital. The accused shooter faces felony murder, aggravated assault, battery, and home invasion. A judge denied his bond and his preliminary hearing is set for June 15.

Trouble’s Family & Friends Celebrate His Life And Legacy

Hours after Ms. Williams’ posted her Insta Story message, Trouble’s homegoing celebration began in Atlanta. Notable speakers like Boosie took the stage through tears to talk about how much the Atlanta younging was loved and respected.

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