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Wordvice, a leading international English editing company, which is a crowd sourcing platform with a patented editor-client matching system, is looking to hire editorial candidates with PhD and advanced degrees from STEM fields in India. Ranked fourth globally with 24,000 doctoral graduates passing out every year in India, Wordvice is looking to capitalize on the huge talent pool of skilled proofreaders and editors who are experts in their own fields for remote roles, through an easy hiring process that includes a simulation test and interview upon shortlisting.
With a clientele of over 70,000 researchers publishing in journals, 20,000 students writing school and admission essays from 500+ institutions, their business clients include bloggers, corporations, and governments.
Sharing more on how the company intends to enable students and authors, Jonghwan Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Wordvice said, “Wordvice AI is a useful and sophisticated proofreading tool for research authors preparing their journal manuscripts for publication and for students writing university admissions essays. But the tool is also handy for anyone who simply wants to improve their writing quality on any kind of document.”
He further added, “We designed Wordvice AI for authors who want real-time feedback when drafting their research papers or essays, but who would also benefit from revision by a professional editor before submitting their writing.”
The Circle FC, business accelerator based in Gurugram, is supporting Wordvice to expand its presence in India. “With a reputation as a renowned English editing company and a track record of working with marquee researchers globally, we are confident that their expertise and services will greatly benefit the flourishing research community and generate employment opportunities in India,” added Nemesisa Ujjain, Project Director, The Circle FC.
Headquartered in Seoul, the Edtech company provides two core revision services: Expert English Editing and the Wordvice AI proofreader, a real-time grammar checker and style editor tool. Their patented Order Manager System makes submitting orders convenient and assigns papers to editors with expertise in the document’s academic subject area. Wordvice AI was specifically engineered with academic authors in mind. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and Big Data, it catches errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, and vocabulary, discerns error patterns and catches style issues and technical mistakes that other grammar checkers cannot. Researchers use Wordvice platform to write research papers, manuscripts and theses.
While the basic version of Wordvice AI is currently free to use, additional features such as extensions, add-ons, and domain-specific correction options will soon be added. Such premium services will be available by subscription.
Wordvice was part of the K-Startup Center 2022 program, run by The Circle FC which provided a landing pad for leading Korean startups in India. They gained insights into the editing industry and the employment landscape in India during the course of the cohort, and formed series of partnerships with key players.
Apply here: https://wordvice.com/career/freelance-editor/


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