Not Gina Huynh picking another public disagreement with Yung Miami–and getting it. Hours after Diddy defended Caresha’s place in his life, Gina threw a petty shot at her in an Instagram video.

The short clip shows Gina applying lipstick as CEO Trayle’s OK Cool plays in the background. A few seconds in, Gina looks at the camera and mouths the lyrics, “aye, you doing all this extra sh*t, you stupid b*tch.”

But her captions on the video and Instagram solidified that the shade was meant for Miami. First, in the video, she wrote, “when she beefing with you over a [ninja emoticon] but whole time he got somebody else pregnant.” Then in the video’s Insta-caption, she wrote, “City Girls down 1000 [melting emoticon face].” 

As previously reported, Diddy welcomed a daughter named Love Sean Combs this year and announced her via Twitter on December 10. According to TMZ, the baby was born on October 15 to 28-year-old cybersecurity specialist Dana Tran in Newport Beach, California. The extent of the relationship between Diddy and Tran remains unknown.

In June, Gina confirmed to The Jasmine Brand that she dealt with Diddy while he was in a relationship with Cassie. However, she also said Diddy is “just a really good longtime friend…nothing more, nothing less.” 

Caresha Reacts To Gina’s Video: ‘YOU A EATER’

Soon after The Shade Room reposted Gina’s video, JT slid in the comment section with a message. She wrote, “He sent you to the chop shop…sit this one out.”

Meanwhile, Miami took to Twitter to drag Diddy’s former flame for a second time. Back in May, the two women came head-to-head online. At the time, Gina repeatedly showed Diddy love on her Instagram during and after his hosting of the Billboard Music Awards.

Though Yung Miami kicked off May’s exchange with a subliminal “this b***h,” she addressed Gina directly on Tuesday.

“Gina you been down bad ever since I came into the picture h*e! You been crying for a baby for 10 yrs h**s you been around as a b***h that easy p***y and d**k when he feel like it. YOU A EATER!! You the same b***h that was crying on Tasha K cause you wanted a baby poor sushi.”

Miami added:

“You want a baby b***h I have a career h*e you a CERTIFIED FREAK!!! You haven’t heard from Diddy since the awards reminiscing on abortions let that hurt go Chun-Li.”


“If I wanted you to eat my p***y Diddy would’ve had you on your knees h*e!!! You a eater!!!!!”

Gina clapped back with a tongue-out selfie on her Instagram Story. This time she directly addressed Miami.

“Caresha, you know you wanna taste this yum yum sauce.”

Miami continued to go off on Twitter. She wrote, “y’all h**s play with Diddy & not me.” Then, Caresha followed up with another jab at Gina’s Vietnamese culture–as she did throughout her clapbacks.

Gina ended her jab-throwing by reposting a 2021 tweet from Miami on Instagram, saying, “I love sushi.” Huynh added the caption, “she loves me.” 

Meanwhile, Diddy Releases A New Song

Earlier in the day, Diddy came to Miami’s defense–clearing the air on what she means to him and seemingly sending DJ Akademiks a message.

He clarified that Yung Miami is his “Shawty Wop” and “never has been, never will be” his side chick. He also said anyone who does “something to hurt” who he loves should expect him to come to their home for a conversation.

But Diddy remained silent while Gina and Yung Miami threw shots at each other. Finally, in June, he addressed their first tussle during the premiere episode of Caresha Please–though he didn’t intervene when the virtual catfight was going down.

“It was messy. It was one of those days, you know, so I had to polish things up, had to press the reset button,” Diddy said. “Boom and keep it moving cause I’m not trying to get messy. I’m just trying to live my life, have a good time and stay out the way, but do whatever the f**k I want to do.”

Instead, Diddy released a new song called Sex In The Porsche with PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Yung Miami & DJ Akademiks Also Tussled Online Over ‘Side Chick’ Insult

Soon after the baby news spread, people online, including DJ Akademiks, began hurling the label ‘side chick’ at Yung Miami. By Monday, she slammed Akademiks for his comments in a tweet and YouTube video. Akademiks also said a city girl is “a low-self esteem chick…a placeholder on a roster.”

After Yung Miami caught wind of his comments, she aimed at him on Twitter, warning him to stop speaking about her and accusing him of constant harassment. Akademiks claimed Miami’s anger was misdirected and that she had a mental breakdown over the new baby.


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